The Disciples on the Road

First Night- Why is the pull to follow Jesus within all of the baptized? Come experience tonight, no matter where you are on your faith journey. Have you been away for a while? Come back! Have you been discouraged lately by the happenings within the Church? Come back! Do you practice your faith regularly? Come and see how Jesus is pulling you in even farther!

Second Night- Do you have doubts? When you go through tough times do you feel you are walking the road alone? Where can you feel the healing power of Jesus in your life? Come experience healing in sacrament.

Third Night- Where are your hearts burning for Jesus? Does the Word of God light a fire in your heart? Can your participation in the Eucharistic Meal set your heart on fire so that you can spread the Good News? Recognize Him in the breaking of the bread and come together for Mass celebrated by your pastor.

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