Jesus and Women Parish Mission

First Night- How do you respond to your baptismal call. Mary’s visit to Elizabeth changed both of them. Spend time examining the vocations of these two powerful women. Mary’s fiat, her “Yes,” set the tone for the Incarnation, the coming of Jesus. Elizabeth bore a son, John the Baptist, and accepted her vocation as the mother of a prophet. Come listen to a powerful witness by one of your fellow parishioners, the mission talk, and renew your baptismal promises.

Second Night- Many women go through periods in their lives when they feel broken and possibly on the margins. Jesus’ encounter with the Woman at the Well was one of those times. She came to the well at mid-day, past the time when water would have been collected; she dared to speak to Jesus, a man and teacher; but she was converted and through her faith, sought to convert others. Listen to the mission talk and heal your spiritual brokenness through participating in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Third Night- Jesus was always sharing a meal with others, women included. The encounter He has with Martha and Mary often speaks to who we are as disciples. Many times we are like Martha, busying about, always serving the people in our lives; spouses, children, careers, and so on. And that is good. But Mary also plays a role and by sitting at the feet of Jesus listening to Him, she is taking care of her own spiritual needs and she is demonstrating that Jesus wants to be part of our lives in every moment. As Catholics, He is part of our lives most prominently in the Eucharist. Come share in the celebration of the Eucharist, the mission talk as the Mass homily, and stay for a pot luck meal afterwards.

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