Jesus and Meals

First Night- Wedding at Cana. This account of Jesus’ first miracle recognizes a need and how Jesus fills that need. Tonight we will examine how you might be hungry in your own spiritual life and how Jesus and a relationship with Him, can fill that need. Various Catholic spiritual practices will be presented, some familiar, maybe some not. You’ll see how some of these practices can be integrated into your prayer life today.

Second Night- Last Supper. Of course, the most important meal Jesus shared was the Last Supper with His apostles. From this ultimate meal, we have the Eucharist given to us so that we can share in it at every Mass. Tonight we will open with adoration, a mission talk and then culminate with the celebration of the Eucharist.

Third Night- Fish on the Seashore- Post-Resurrection (John 21: 1-14). Jesus has a post-resurrection encounter with seven disciples. But at first, they do not recognize it is Him. How do we go about recognizing Jesus in the people we encounter everyday; in our families, in the people we meet going about our lives or our work? Last night we celebrated the Eucharist; tonight we will be given a task. If you are able, bring a person to this night who might not have attended the previous nights. Invite them just to be open to an encounter. Hopefully, they too will recognize Jesus in themselves after the night is over. After the Mission talk, we’ll share in a light meal.

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