Pastoral Care Workshops

Classroom Management for Religious Education Volunteers

This workshop provides a classroom management tool for catechists who serve in a volunteer capacity at a parish. Many times, we ask people to volunteer to teach, but yet they have little or no teaching experience. This session provides a way to manage the class while still taking into account the experience of the students.

Catholic Funeral Preparation and Procedures Explained

There are many questions surrounding the preparation and procedures (ie: rules) of the Catholic Funeral. While each diocese might be a little different, this workshop provides the person preparing for their or a loved ones funeral the opportunity to have those questions answered in a pastoral way, while still stating what the Church teaches and upholds. (Look for a downloadable e-book coming soon to the book section of the Pastoral Care Page)

Day of Spiritual Renewal for Catholic School Faculty and Staff

Many times, Catholic School teachers and staff need spiritual renewal. After all, a Catholic School is providing something that a public school does not- that is a sense of Catholic identity. While the teachers and staff can certainly teach the religion portion of the curriculum, many times they themselves must be renewed spiritually. This workshop does just that.

Theology of the Eucharist for Ministers of Care

Being a Minister of Care or Homebound Minister is a blessing. But a key point to the Ministry is understanding the importance of the Eucharist to the service the minister provides. This workshop gives a short history of the Eucharist as a sacrament, but then also involves practical application of bringing the Body of Christ to those not able to gather around the altar on Sunday.

If you are interested in any of these workshops or would like a workshop designed specifically for your parish or group, don't hesitate to contact us.

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